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Back in Action – jstrauss

Back in Action

I’ve been a bit MIA of late, and it hasn’t just been limited to this blog — I’ve been slacking on replying to emails and other forms of electronic communications as well. To be honest, I kinda checked out the last few months since leaving Yahoo!. And it’s been great! I got in some awesome skiing in Colorado, my first trip to South America, and a couple visits to Europe, as well as a much needed chance to clear my mind and decompress a bit.

And now, I’m back. Clearing my mind was only the first step, of course. Now comes the fun part of figuring out what I want to do next. I’ve updated my resume (html, pdf), and have started exploring various opportunities. I have pretty diverse interests, so I find it hard to conjure up the ideal job description in the abstract. But, the most important things to me are finding a project about which I can be passionate and people with whom I’m excited to work. After spending nearly 4 years at a large corporation, I think I’d like to check out the start-up world a bit (the smaller, the better). But, I’m keeping a very open mind at this point. So if you come across anything cool you think might be a good fit for me, please drop me line (jonathan[at]jonathanhstrauss[dot] com). In addition, I have a couple interesting ideas of my own I’m exploring. So who knows, I might end up looking for employees instead of a job.

I’m also planning to take this time to catch up on my various backlogs that have accumulated over these past few months, including responding to emails, uploading photos to Flickr, and blogging about some of my trips. So, look forward to hearing more from me soon 🙂

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